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Why Wear Jarfette?

Scarf Problems / Jarfette Solutions

PROBLEM: Scarves, by design, are meant to flow and move, creating the need for frequent readjustment. Have you ever watched from the back of a room as women fidget to keep their scarves in place?

SOLUTION: The Jarfette jacket scarf is attached by unique magnetic buttons which keep it in place all day.

PROBLEM: Many dresses are sleeveless and offer no matching jackets. I spent three months searching for a jacket for a gala and finally tied a scarf as sleeves. It looked great until it moved and showed my arms in the pictures.

SOLUTION: The Jarfette jacket scarf can be worn as a jacket that provides arm coverage and can be matched to the colors in your dress to complement your outfit.

PROBLEM: Elements can be a problem for scarves. Imagine my surprise when at an outdoor reception my new silver scarf floated on the wind and fluttered onto the mud flats below a bridge.

SOLUTION: To keep your scarf in position and safe from the wind, and to protect it from decorative pins that can tear fabric, I recommend Jarfette magnetic buttons. Each button and handmade dichroic glass button has a strong magnet glued to it. The magnet backing piece is intended to be worn under the top while the magnetic button is placed on top of the scarf, thereby attaching the scarf to the top. Buttons can be crafted with pins if magnets are unable to be worn for medical reasons.

PROBLEM: The cruise or travel dilemma: how many and which scarves to pack for a week. Many of us take 7 for variety. Of course if do, you’ll have to wear them through the airport as your suitcase is now overweight.

SOLUTION: Your packing problem is solved because the Jarfette jacket scarf can be worn a minimum of 9 ways. It converts from a 2 armed jacket, to a jacket shawl, to a jacket shawl with a rosette, to a shawl, to a vest with lapels, to a scarf, and finally to a head scarf with the use of magnetic buttons. For variety wear a silky solid as a jacket to the airport and a sheer as a scarf. You can create more than a dozen different styles on your trip.

PROBLEM: You’re dressed for the office in a suit with a scarf. You need a dressier outfit for dinner.

SOLUTION: Business attire to a dinner outfit is easy with the Jarfette jacket scarf. Because it is convertible, it can change from the scarf you wore during the day to a dressy jacket or jacket shawl and be worn with the same top and skirt/pants that worked with your suit jacket.

PROBLEM: Wouldn’t it be nice to have convertible clothing to match the temperature of your environment?

SOLUTION: It’s hot then cold then hot again. Stop lugging a sweater around. Easily convert your Jarfette jacket scarf from a jacket to a jacket shawl or a vest to cool off or warm up. Safely attach your magnetic buttons to the jacket scarf when not wearing it or carrying it in your purse or wear them as decorative pins on your top.