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Jarfette Lotus – Every Day-Every Woman

The Jarfette Lotus Collection is for the woman who is looking for versatility in her wardrobe. She appreciates the value of high quality clothing that can keep up with her busy lifestyle whether she is traveling for business or pleasure and wants to pack less, is on a tight schedule with children or her social life and wants an easy to wear, low maintenance outfit that looks great with jeans or a dress. The Lotus Collection is defined by easy to care for fabrics, has fewer limited editions, and is manufactured in the USA.

Lotus flowers, a type of water lily, rise out of the muddy water and transform into a flower of unique beauty. Among the traits attributed to the red lotus flower are compassion and kindness. Lotus was chosen as a Jarfette collection name to represent the beauty in each woman and the ability to transform ourselves and our world through compassion and kindness.