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Jarfette Cozy for Hospital Use

The Jarfette Cozy for Hospital Use is the same design as the Jarfette Cozy and is worn as a jacket. The major difference is that one or both sleeves can be adapted with fasteners to more easily work around IV’s. This adaptation makes it easier to dress a patient and get access to the IV’s while keeping her wrapped in warmth and comfort.

Note from Carol Ann, the designer.

I was inspired to adapt the Cozy for use with IV’s because of an experience when my daughter was in high school and had 2 major surgeries. While she was in the hospital, I would have given anything to wrap her in something soft vs. the rough hospital johnny but her robe could not get around the IV’s. Touch and comfort is very important when someone is ill. The Cozy can help comfort women in the hospital as well as in rehab centers and nursing homes. I’m happy to report that my daughter is well now, living an exciting life, and giving back to people dealing with major illnesses. If you know someone who would benefit from a custom-made, Adaptable Jarfette Cozy, please click here.