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Cozy Jacket

The Jarfette® Cozy Collection was created for you when you want to be surrounded by comfort. It is defined by very plush, soft fabric that wraps you in warmth and makes you feel cozy when you’re cold on a snowy winter’s day, when you aren’t feeling well, or when you just want to be comfortable while you are casually dressed. It can convert into a few styles that the Jarfette® jacket scarf can but is intended primarily to be worn as a jacket. Since it falls at waist length, the Cozy moves as freely as you do. It’s great for snuggling with a book and a warm drink.

A Note from Carol Ann, the designer.

When I found this fabric and sewed it into a Cozy, I imagined being snuggled in a favorite childhood blanket or feeling the softness of a baby’s skin. I have found people stroking my arm as I wear it. It is so Cozy!

I invite you wrap yourself in comfort in a Jarfette® Cozy and/or share it with a loved one.


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