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Jarfette Headscarf/Scarf/Shawl

The Jarfette Headscarf/Scarf/Shawl has a unique, novel end that makes it easy for even a novice scarf wearer to wear. It converts into 5 styles including a headscarf tied in the front, a headscarf tied in the back, a scarf with a tail in the front, and a scarf that is tight to the neck, as well as a shawl that requires one magnetic button to secure it to clothing. Most of the positions are made by inserting the wide end of the scarf through the small tube end. For instructions, please look at the pictures below.

Note from Carol Ann, the designer.

Having a desire to reduce fabric waste, I created a pattern based on the average left over from each piece after making the Jarfette jacket scarf. With a novel end, I realized its convertibility. The scarves have already touched women who are going through chemotherapy and need headscarves. I’ve had the privilege to sit and talk with them as they go through the tough transition of losing their hair and personally showing them how the headscarf works. Because the fabrics and stitching are high quality and beautiful, the scarves are helping women feel more confident and cared for.