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Jarfette® Scarves

Many of our scarves have a unique, novel tube end that makes it simple for women to style. The large end of the scarf is inserted into the small tube end and pulled through.  Inserting the big end into the tube more than once can secure it or make it shorter. You can be as creative as you want and can wear it as a headscarf or a shawl. A magnetic button, not included, can be used to secure it to your clothing.

Traditional scarves, small neck scarves, and our shawls complete any outfit!

Note from Carol Ann, the designer.

At Jarfette®, we reduce waste by using even the smaller pieces of fabric to create beauty in our scarves.  I’ve had the privilege to sit and talk with women as they go through the tough transition of losing their hair to chemotherapy and show them how the headscarf works. Because the fabrics and stitching are high quality and beautiful, the scarves are helping women feel more comfortable, confident, and cared for at a difficult time.


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