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Adaptive Clothing

Jarfette® Adaptive Clothing

Jarfette® is a social enterprise brand dedicated to providing innovative fashion solutions for all women while giving back to those experiencing illness.  We produce adaptive designs that wrap women in comfort and confidence.  We design with style, ease of dressing, and functionality in mind.

Our plush, warm adaptive Cozy can be snapped to accommodate IVs/tubes during hospital stays or treatments.  This is a great choice for women with limited mobility who are cold and/or may struggle with dressing.  Our current shawl can slips over the head like a poncho and can be worn in a few different styles.  

Note from Carol Ann, the designer.

Touch and comfort are very important when someone is ill.  I would have given anything to wrap my daughter in something soft and comfortable that could fit around her IVs when she was ill, but a product didn’t exist.  I was inspired by this experience to design the adaptive Cozy to solve this issue for women. 

If you or someone you know would benefit from a custom-made, adaptive Cozy please contact us. click here.


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