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Other Jarfette Designs

The Jarfette Brand includes the Jarfette Rose, the Jarfette Cozy, and in the near future the Jarfette Lotus Collections as well as a line of Jarfette Magnetic Buttons.

All garment collections offer the Jarfette jacket scarf in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Because these are for women of all ages and sizes, the small can usually be worn by someone who normally chooses a petite, has a shorter stature and a smaller body type, the medium fits most women from about 5’3 to 5’8 up to a size 16, and the large fits a body type larger than a size 1x depending on height.  Please contact Carol Ann if you have questions about sizing.

The versatile headscarf/scarf can be made in various fabrics with or without decorative stitching.  If you are specifically looking for a headscarf and do not want as much fabric on your head as with the convertible jacket scarf,  I would recommend purchasing the headscarf/scarf.  Please contact Carol Ann for more information.

Jarfette Rose Collection

The Jarfette Rose Collection is defined by highly decorative stitching and the ability to custom create elegant, one of a kind garments from a variety of fine fabrics.  Garments are unique as there are limited lengths of the hand selected fabrics which include silks, digitally printed polyesters, sheers, and silky solids and prints.

Jarfette Cozy Collection

The Jarfette Cozy Collection is made from a spa cozy fabric that wraps the wearer in warmth and comfort. Along with being  a perfect complement to your outfit on a cooler day or as an outer wrap, it is ideal for those women who may be in assisted living, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.  Because of the fabric weight, it lends itself best to a jacket, a scarf, and a jacket shawl. The Jarfette Cozy can be custom adapted for hospital use with IV’s.  Please contact Carol Ann through the website if you are interested in having it adapted.

Jarfette Lotus Collection

The Jarfette Lotus Collection, coming in the near future, is defined by understated stitching and will be available in silky solids and prints.

Jarfette Magnetic Button Collection

Buttons in the Jarfette Magnetic Button Collection come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials including handmade dichroic glass to complement the jacket scarf and make it fully convertible.  Buttons come with two pieces, the button which secures the jacket scarf from the top and the backer which is placed under the shirt and secures the layers of material together.


Jarfette fabrics include sheer silks, digitally printed polyesters,  silky satins, and spa cuddle fleece.  Here are some examples of styles available.