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What is Jarfette?

Jarfette is an invented word created to describe the patent pending, 9 style Jarfette jacket scarf. J is for jacket, arf is for scarf, and ette is because it converts from a large jacket to a small scarf.

How do I get the Jarfette jacket scarf into the 9 positions?

Check out our video tutorial and watch as women share how easy it is to convert from one style to another using the sleeves and magnetic buttons.

How do I convert the headscarf/scarf/shawl?

Headscarf Etsy8website (2)The Jarfette Headscarf/Scarf/Shawl has a unique, novel end that makes it easy for even a novice scarf wearer to wear. It converts into 5 styles including a headscarf tied in the front, a headscarf tied in the back, a scarf with a tail in the front, and a scarf that is tight to the neck, as well as a shawl that requires one magnetic button to secure it to clothing. Most of the positions are made by inserting the wide end of the scarf through the small tube end.

Fabric Care?

Care Instructions for most fabrics. (Please check instructions included with your Jarfette accessory.)

WASHING: For best results and to protect decorative stitching, hand wash with very cold water. Use mild detergent. Do not wring out. Hang to dry. If needed, steam with cool iron. Do Not Dry Clean. Do Not Bleach.

(The Jarfette Cozy can be washed in warm water and tumbled dry on low heat. To protect decorative stitching, please wash and dry in a mesh laundry bag.)

Note from Carol Ann:
For many years I shied away from silks because I thought I needed to dry-clean them. In New York, I asked if the silk I was buying was washable. The man cutting it posed this thought, “How long has silk been around? and How long have dry cleaners existed?” I researched and tested quite a bit of silk and now recommend that you use very cold water and hang to dry. Because the fabrics are so light and dry so quickly, I find this to work well with both polyesters and silks. Light pressing and/or steaming with a cool iron works well if there are wrinkles.

How do the Magnetic Buttons Work?

Magnetic buttons and button backers secure your Jarfette designs to your clothing while protecting delicate fabric. Magnetic buttons come in two separate pieces. First, there is the button itself. Then there is “button backer” which consists of neodymium magnets, used to secure the buttons in place. The “button backer” is intended to be placed under your top and the magnetic button is to be placed on the outermost layer of clothing, on top of the Jarfette jacket scarf, to secure it in place.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not use the magnetic buttons if you have internal pacemakers, internal defibrillators and/or insulin pumps as these strong magnets can cause these medical devices to malfunction. An alternative clasp can be substituted on the button at time of purchase.

WARNING: Neodymium magnets are very strong. Handling them with care is necessary to prevent personal injuries, property and magnet damages. Do not allow children to handle the magnetic buttons as they are a choking hazard and should never be swallowed or inserted into any part of the body. Please keep away from pets. Seek medical attention immediately if magnet is swallowed.

How can I purchase?

  1. You can buy directly from Etsy or go to our Contact Us page.
  2. For a more personalized experience, you can view the Jarfette collections with your friends in the comfort of your home by having a home or Skype party.
  3. You can personalize and/or customize your Jarfette with an individual Skype consult.

To schedule a home party or individual consult, please contact us by phone, Email, or on our contact page.

Can you custom design my Jarfette accessory?

Yes. Because many of our fabrics are limited editions, we specialize in custom design. Our custom designs are ideal for matching an outfit for a special occasion, for coordinating the look of a wedding party, and for adding just the right look to the mother of the bride’s or groom’s dress.

For a one-of-a-kind Jarfette jacket scarf, we can help you take an original high quality photo and digitally print it onto fabric.

Additional fees apply for custom consults.

How can I find my size?

The Jarfette jacket scarf – The jacket scarf is sized based on arm length not your usual size. The sleeves can be wrist length to ¾ length. If they are a bit longer than your wrist, you can fold fabric at your shoulders and secure with magnetic buttons to shorten the sleeve length.  The only position that size matters is the jacket position.

Small is for a woman who wears a petite in regular clothing because her arms and usually height are shorter. If you are above a 2X you may want to choose a medium so the jacket scarf is roomier.

Medium is for a woman who has average to longer arms. If you do not wear a petite and are over 5’2” you will fit best in a medium. You can adjust the length with the magnetic buttons. It can be wrist length or up to ¾ sleeve. If you are above 5’9” and are above a 2X you can contact us for a size assessment.

Large – you can request a custom made Jarfette jacket scarf if you are above the sizes described.

The Jarfette Cozy is one size fits women up to a 2x and 5’9 and under, and does not require magnetic buttons. We can custom size your Cozy.

The Jarfette headscarf/scarf/shawl comes with one button. If you have a bigger frame and want to use the shawl feature, you may want to purchase the long. The small will fit all necks.

What is your return policy?

At Jarfette we are committed to providing you with high quality, unique clothing and accessories, and to offering limited editions of the Jarfette jacket scarf.  To maintain the highest standards for our specialty fabrics and to continue to offer specialty fabrics, we offer personalized assistance to reduce the need for exchanges.

Personalized Assistance

Before you purchase, we recommend that you contact us for personalized assistance in helping you choose your Jarfette jacket scarf if you have any questions about sizing or fabrics as there is a 25% restocking fee.


If you are buying a gift, we recommend purchasing a gift certificate so that we can help the recipient create her own unique style.

Upon Receipt of Item

Please contact our customer service team within 3 business days of receipt of your order to let us know if you are missing items or received incorrect or damaged designs, so we can correct the problem.

Procedures for returns and exchanges


The Jarfette jacket scarf, Cozy, or convertible Headscarf/Scarf/Shawl may be returned only if:

Returned items must remain un-washed, un-worn, and all tags must still be attached, and design must be in new condition.

There is a 25% restocking fee.

Store credit will be issued minus the 25% restocking fee and minus the original shipping fees.

The designs must be returned to Jarfette within 15 days of your receipt of the product, according to the shipping company, to qualify for a store credit.

Please contact Jarfette for a code and mailing address for package. All shipping will be paid for by the customer.


Jarfette designs may be may be exchanged for a like item, (Jarfette jacket scarf in small for a medium etc.) in a different color or size for a 10% handling fee. You will have a store credit of your original price minus 10% and minus your shipping fee to apply to your new Jarfette design.  There may be a price difference in your new choice. New shipping costs and product price differences will be the customer responsibility.

Other returns

All custom orders are final sales.

Gift Certificates, discounted items, and Jarfette magnetic buttons are final sales.

Please refer to sizing information and product descriptions before purchasing. If you have questions about color, size, etc. please contact us for personal assistance before purchasing.

Shipping is non-refundable, unless there was a mistake on our end.

Please allow our team 5-7 business days to process your return once we have received it and issue a store credit or an exchange.

Gift cards or store credit

Gift cards and store credit will be issued and will be valid for 2 years from the date issued.

Changing or Cancelling Your Order

Please contact us immediately if you need to change or cancel your order. Once we process your order we will be unable to make any changes to your order.