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About Us

Carol Ann, Designer/Founder

Creating the Jarfette® brand has been exciting and unexpected and has led me down a path that I could not have imagined when I was teaching Kindergarten. I am inspired and humbled by the many personal stories shared on this journey as well as support for the Jarfette® vision of spreading compassion in a world that is not always easy.

As I supported my husband and my child through life-threatening illnesses, I experienced how small acts of kindness helped all of us hold onto hope. Each day I am thankful that they are well now and leading full lives. I am building Jarfette® as a social enterprise brand with compassionate giving at its core. Compassion from others helps us hold onto hope.

Our Vision

At Jarfette®, we are committed to creating high quality, fashionable and functional clothing and accessories, for different body types, ages, and physical needs. Our lines range from hand-made, formal clothing and convertible veils to everyday wear. Our adaptive clothing line simplifies dressing and can be used by women with limited mobility or medical needs.

We believe that a company that gives back, spreads compassion, and empowers others, can change lives.   Jarfette® is committed to economic growth in the USA as it sources and manufacturers domestically, whenever possible. We are working to become a solution to the problems inherent in “Fast Fashion.”

Wrapping you in comfort and confidence!