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About Us

a-1st-position-jarfette-jacket-aCarol Ann, Designer/Founder

Creating the Jarfette brand and a company has been exciting and unexpected and has led me down a path that I could not have imagined when I was teaching Kindergarten. I am inspired and humbled by the many personal stories shared on this journey as well as support for the Jarfette vision of spreading compassion in a world that is not always easy.

As I supported my husband and my child through life-threatening illnesses, I experienced how small acts of kindness helped all of us hold onto hope. Each day I am thankful that they are well now and leading full lives. I am building Jarfette as a social enterprise brand with compassionate giving at its core. Compassion from others helps us hold onto hope.

An Unexpected Invention

I learned to sew on a Singer treadle machine when I was 4 and made many of my clothes growing up. Frustrated that I could not find anything to cover my arms that looked good on my body and with a sleeveless dress, I designed a jacket scarf so I would have sleeves. On a whim, I inserted one sleeve into the other, and realized that the jacket scarf could convert into 9 styles. When I added magnetic buttons to keep it in place, the 9 style, patent pending, Jarfette jacket scarf was born.

Our Vision

We believe that a company that gives back, spreads compassion, empowers others, and can change lives.   As a social enterprise brand, Jarfette exists to help improve the lives of as many women as possible.

With compassion as the core value of Jarfette, the company vision is to help all women feel beautiful, confident, and hopeful.

We are committed to creating high quality, fashionable and functional clothing and accessories, for different body types, ages, and physical needs.

We believe strongly in the power of collaboration that comes as people support each other.  Jarfette is committed to economic growth in the USA as it sources and manufacturers domestically, whenever possible.

Compassionate Giving

When you buy from the Jarfette collections you will have a direct impact on the life of a woman in need, as a portion of the revenue will be used to fund distribution of Jarfette products to women struggling with major illnesses.

I invite you share compassion and Create your own unique style! with Jarfette.