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Jarfette® is a social enterprise brand dedicated to providing innovative fashion solutions for all women while giving back to those experiencing illness. We produce adaptive and convertible designs that wrap women in comfort and confidence.

Our lines range from hand-made, formal clothing to everyday wear and include an adaptive clothing line that simplifies dressing and can be worn by women with limited mobility or medical needs.

At Jarfette® we design with style, convertibility, comfort, and functionality in mind!


Jarfette Designs

Convertible Jacket Scarf

Convertible into 9 styles. Solves the problem of no sleeves on dresses!

Convertible Scarf

Tube end makes it simple to convert.

Adaptive Clothing

Simplifies dressing and can be used by women with limited mobility or medical needs.

Magnetic Buttons

The Jarfette Buttons are sometimes referred to as “The Crowning Jewels” of our collection.